20th LSI Design ContestsĀEin Okinawa  Design Specification - 1,2

1. Purpose

Include the human detection as one of image recognition technology. Human detection is a technique used in the digital camera, the automobile automatic brake system and monitoring system.
Therefore, this exercise is aimed at performing a hardware design of the operation unit as a theme of "human detection by Histogram of Oriented Gradients", conscious operations and cost calculation algorithm. The challenge of Level1, design the arithmetic unit of human detection by Histogram of Oriented Gradients. The challenge Level2, all of the input format is not restricted. Please aim to design a more unique computing unit.

2ĀDDesign enviroment

MATLAB, Synopsys Synphony

Synopsys® Synphony Model™ Compiler

Synopsys® Synplify Pro®

Synopsys® Design Compiler®

Mathworks® MATLAB® /Simulink®

These environments will be listed in our response to the design environment.

Synplify Pro/Premier or other logic synthesis tool

RTL handcoding( VHDL or Verilog-HDL)